Becca & Brady's Juneau Wedding, Part 2 {Alaska Wedding Photographer}

This wedding was SO fun!
Becca is from Juneau so of course she was outfitted with "Xtra Tufs".
Finally, I am getting around to blogging the rest of the wedding.
I was a second shooter for Sara so there was no proofing deadline for me :).
Sara should really move up to Alaska and let me shoot with her all the time; she made me feel so liberated to shoot in my style.

Talk about a photographer's dream!
This setting at the Adlersheim Lodge was completely breathtaking, even though typical SouthEastern Alaska scenery.

Beautiful bride!

Since Becca and Brady did not have a "First Look" before the wedding,
I went off to photograph the guys getting ready at another great Juneau spot . . .

These little kids were such a cute part of the wedding.

Love the footwear! {Can you tell I have a shoe obscession? . . . even though living up here my selection is usually one of: Xtra Tufs, Danskos, or Merrells}

The have some of the most beautiful, unique wedding rings!

Nothing like cell phone photos!

I wish all the happiness to Brady and Becca!
I enjoyed this rainy weekend immersed in the fun of their wedding :)


Tara said...

You take absolutely beautiful pictures.

annika said...

Beautiful pictures of the wedding JEn! I always love looking on your blog to see your fantastic shots! ..plus the music in the background makes it great!


Megan Lorraine said...

all I can say is wow! Where were you five years ago when I got married? ;)

Mattie said...

What BEAUTIFUL pictures. Oh my goodness. Great scenery and GREAT photography skills!

Christine Thomas said...

Jen! You have a fantastic gift, what beautiful pictures! So great to see you doing such cool artsy things :)

Anonymous said...

Jenny- your pictures are beautiful! You truly have an amazing talent. I want to get married in Alaska...the scenery is so pretty. I hope all is well up there.
~Elizabeth L.

joan j said...

I've been waiting for these! It was well worth it, too! I love them. I really like the one of them kissing at the ceremony with the mountains in the background. You're good Jen!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

You really do an awesome job! I like all of the different views and perspectives of the wedding. Love these.

Betsy said...

Those are AMAZING photos. Beautiful. So artistic. I wish I knew someone in Alaska to refer to you.

clippingimages said...

very innovative photography......