Back from the Fishbowl

Those of you who live in small town may understand.
While Sitka is small compared to the Twin Cities, it is big compared to the village of Metlakatla.

I knew I would be traveling to a small community, but what I didn't know was that the whole town would know that eating a brownie sundae at the {only} restaurant in town would make headline news.

Ok, ok, so maybe it's because my official title of my day job is "Registered Dietitian" but geez!!!
{Seriously, I don't just eat tofu and carrots . . . }
and I teach people to eat a variety of foods in moderation.
{really difficult term even for a dietitian to understand sometimes} . . .
But when your waitress who brings you the brownie sundae turns out to be your patient the next day . . .
yes, I was due for some laughs.

. . . and somehow the entire staff at the clinic finds out I treated myself, too.
What a hilarious first impression.

Yes, I felt like I was in a fishbowl.
People are very friendly and warm there, however, and it was a pleasant trip.

Here are some glimpses of "Met":

Since it is on an island, like Sitka, the only way there in boat or plane.
and the only choice of plane are float planes.
Which, hmm, look like the planes from the Charles Lindbergh era.
At least from the inside.
Not that I lived back then, but . . .

I was the sole passenger on the way there.
Thanks to God that the pilot did not have a heart attack on the way there.

The town is very proud of its Alaska Native heritage. I think the prevailing tribe here is the Tshimsian (sp?) pronounced "Simpsian" tribe. They have so many churches here, all from Christian roots.

Because this is not a big tourist town, I did not want to further draw attention myself with a big camera, so I used my cell phone camera for several of these photos.

I met a medical student, Laura, who was also working at the clinic and we decided to take advantage of the couple of sunny day to go hiking.
This is on the way up to Purple Mountain. There was not an exact trail, but we were told to "follow the pipes".

Purple Lake is the reservior for the town's water supply.

Still higher

Overlooking the town.

The reflections became more and more stunning.

The next evening, we went out to "Smuggler's Cove" beach.
The tides are fairly extreme here.

Some local guys told us stories of the lands and mountians visible here, and kept telling us that "the sunset will keep getting better" . . . and it did!

There's Laura:

These mtns are called "The Three Puppets"

And the Grand Finale:

p.s. I have not ate any brownie sundaes since.
{Cookies and chocolates do not count}


Pietila Family said...

Wow Jen! Just wow. Gallery worthy.

On a different note - the brownie sunday incident is hilarious! :)

Pietila Family said...

Oops. I meant "sundae" not "sunday". Sorry, had to fix it. :)

Anna said...

Absolutely. Utterly. Gorgeous.

Love the brownie story! The wonders of small town life.

Shannon said...


Julie L said...

Your lanscapes are amazing!! Seriously.

Mom said...

Awesome pictures Jennifer. I got a good chuckle out of the brownie story. Love you.

joan j said...

Og. my. gosh. I love these pictures. They're so peaceful. I think scenes like these are why I love water so much.

Katie said...

Love these pictures Jenn! makes me miss Alaska- we will seriously have to plan a trip out to see you! Miss you!

Amy said...

Wow- amazing pictures! I stumbled across your blog and I really enjoy reading it- haven't met you, but I spent some time in Sitka, and your pics bring back good Alaska memories. Thank you.

Karen AMH said...

These photos are unreal!! Wow, Jen, awesome!
Looks like another world from the one I live in.

Nora said...

Jen I love your pictures You are one multi talented lady!! Seriously funny story about the Brownie sundae- lol Nothing like getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar!! I love it Jen--What did you say? Keep up the beautiful work love you and miss you Aunt Nora

Jan said...

Wow- I am jealous of the experience- to see the "real" Alaska-instead of tourist Alaska. And of the hiking. So how was the work? Gorgeous pictures!

What a way to break the ice- eat a sundae!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer! Wow... is all I can say about your photos! I don't know what you are ever going to do for you back drops if and when you move back to MN ; ) Lucky you, take advatage of it all you can! You do beautiful work keep it up!

Michelle Anderson

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

These pictures are stunning. I have to agree with Joan about the water... I'm completely mesmerized by water!

~ Jennifer

KATRINA said...

#1 Those wedding photos brought out the dreamer in me and...for a bonafide bra-burning woman, quite a feat Jennifer!
#2 Thank you also for allowing me to escape via your photographic images. Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed the budget-friendly trip.
#3 Now I'm very much inspired to 'get-it-in-gear', sell a Gino Hollander (we've gotten free publicity in Minneapolis Downtown Journal and...big showing in a couple of weeks), and...sink myself into your surrounding scenery with you...and...maybe a brownie sundae!!
Love you! Pickles Vaara