Life on "The Rock" {Sitka Alaska Photgrapher}

I haven't been blogging lately . . .

Ummm. Been planning a vacation off this island, in fact.
We are incredibly lucky that we are going to vacation to some different islands . . . namely, the islands of Hawai'i!!


We are going with some dear friends of ours, J & T from MN.

So, as I picked up the mail from our PO Box this evening after work, I had a package with a few "summery" things from Old Navy.com. Then it got me thinking how much life is different here than back in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, where I grew up . . .

So on the drive home from work, it got me thinking of writing a bit more on life in Sitka and inspired this "poem" {Sorry poeticians, this is what I've got}

"You know you live on an Island in Alaska when . . . "

you do your shopping on the internet.

you go to work in worn-out cords and it's considered "dressed up".

there's not a high heeled shoe on the island.

you are an outcast if you don't own a pair of "Xtra Tuffs".

you know a good handful of folks that live on a boat.

you refer to the continental U.S., {and even the northern continental U.S.} as "down south".

you call the island you live on "The Rock".

you wear scuffed Danskos to work everyday and still get compliments on them.

you walk in rain without batting an eye and most definitely without an umbrella.

you love {ok, maybe "love" is an exaggeration} the smell of fish.

you get excited for "Herring season"

you drive an SUV, a truck or a rust-bucket.

you can't drive over 45 mph. If you do, you think your vehicle will explode.

you get irritated when you have to fill up with gas more than once a month.

Driving 12 miles to the opposite end of the road system seems "way too far away".

You live 5 miles out of town (like us) and people think that's "way out there".

You've rode on a ferry.

You realize the barge is late when the town is out of milk. Sorry, no lattes today!

You live on a road named after a fish. (Halibut Point Road, anyone?)

You love, love, love, love when the sun shines!

And on that note, here's wishing everyone a great rest of the week.

I'm happy to say that January 2010 has me feeling more calm and positive than I've felt in awhile; I'm really appreciating it right now.
May it be for you, too.


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

So fun to be planning a vacation! Which islands? We went to Kauai and Maui on our honeymoon.

A tropical vacation sounds divine right now! I hope you have a great time.

{And, glad January's been going well.} :)
~ Jennifer

Pietila Family said...

Yayyy!! You're going! How fun. A good dose of sunshine will feel so good.

Neat post about living on "The Rock". Not too many people have to worry about a late barge.... : )

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this post. It gives a good picture of your life. You will have great memories for a lifetime. Love, Aunt Karen

Anonymous said...

I'm super interested to see and hear more about where you live, most of us have never been there and can only dream.

Have a great vacation, everyone needs that sunshine!!

Ev said...

Yes! We need to talk soon! I'm so excited for you to be taking a trip! Great insights about Sitka... You may enjoy Tom's post on that as well: http://rhombus.travellerspoint.com/19/. Hope you're having a fabulous week!

Megan Lorraine said...

yay for vacations! I can relate to the LOVING the sunshine. In the winter, we don't get too much of that in the U.P. :) Glad your having a calm January. I tried calling a few times, but you must always have important things your doing. ;)
Love ya! -Megs

Julie said...

Beautiful photo! Loved the list. :) Enjoy your tropical vacation!!!

Anonymous said...

Great insights to life on the rock!

I'm super pumped for you and your vacation. You better fill up on enough sun shine for all of us left in the rain :)


Anonymous said...

Love the "poem" ! :)

Sooo jealous of you going to Hawaii :( Have a blast! Fill up on enough sunshine for all of us :)Me and Nick haven't even been out of state together since we've been married...we could so use something like that right now.


Anonymous said...

Great insight in living on a rock!! We take for granted our luxuries living on the mainland...Lolly

Anonymous said...

Just curious...
most people who live on "the rock" - did they grow up there or transplant onto the island?

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Hi everyone,

Jennifer- we are going to Big Island and Kauai. :)

There's a good fair share of "transplants" here, but also many people who have lived here their whole life.

Hope everyone gets some "sun" literally and figuratively. Last winter I had to break down and go tanning I couldn't handle the gray.