Kyle & Abby 4.24.10 {Minnesota Wedding Photographer}

It was a softly lit day (photographer's dream!) for Kyle and Abby's rural Minnesota wedding.
This may be one of the most picture-packed blog posts yet as I just don't have the discerning powers at the moment to narrow down the photos.

Abby shared some great ideas about her day and I am so thankful that they chose me to photograph their day . . .

Details, details.

Getting ready is such a memorable part of the day . . . should not go undocumented.

And thanks to my patient sister, K, (te amo!) for being my "assistant" to take some great candids like this:
{I better watch out, she will probably start her own photography business, too!}

The "First Look":

Despite my oops (I used a 1/45th shutter speed) for this pic, the guys toasted their Red Bull.

Adorable flower girls: can never get enough photos of them!

It started raining for a bit, then stopped. Notice the "rain drops" lit by the flash.

Prob one of my faves:

"Just act cool" ... were my weak directions. They did well.

I love the glances and the laughs. They yield the most true expressions.

Just a bit windy.

Hands photos--love them, too... this one was completely candid.

They are an active bunch. (p.s. "I am not liable for any injuries" ;o )

"You look beautiful, my dear," says Dad.

Even though the rain stopped, why not add some umbrella flair?

Formal group shot: I used my speedlights and two 60 in. Wescott satin white umbrellas.

Steph did the flowers, Michelle the cake. Gorgeous, hey?

Love, love window light.

Something so calm, yet mysterious, about this one:

One more of the flower girls, getting ready to walk down the aisle!

Such a cool idea for favors. They had candy inside.

Thank you, again, Kyle and Abby, for giving me the honor of photographing your wedding.
All the best of love, health, and happiness to you both.


Julie L said...

ohhh, you do so well with your weddings! Beautiful, beautiful!

Tara said...

Awesome job, as usual!!! Your pictures are so much fun to look at.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love how you got lots of "unformal" and candid pics of everyone. Great job!


Jan said...

Oh Jen, these are gorgeous. And I am a tough critic! I have an assignment for you next time you are up here...I want to hire you to photograph my kids with Megga and Buppa...I would love to see what you could do!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures Jennifer!!! You do such a good job. Fun to be able to see them!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Your wedding photography is just awesome- you really capture the emotions of the day. -Jess

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Jennifer. I want to call my sister and tell how darling her son and daughter in law wedding pics are. Maria

Shannon said...

WOW Jen, you truly are amazing! I actually got teary eyed at some of these pictures! they are beautiful

Anna said...

Love them! I can see your skills growing and developing as you do more and more photography. You've got talent.

Lois said...


Karisa said...

These are beautiful!

Karlee said...

these pictures are so gorgeous!! i could sit all day and look through all of your pictures! if i ever get married i hope you would be so gracious to do my photos :) not that it will be anytime soon!