Sitka Senior: Cathy {Sitka Alaska Photographer}

The fun thing about Sitka is that there's always new places to explore . . . Cathy suggested a location I'd never been to, located on Japonski Island, which is connected to Baranof Island by the O'Connell Bridge. What a fun place for photos!

For most of the photos, I used a silver reflector . . . I really do enjoy the light quality from it.

We found a graffiti wall!

Fierce! ;)
Love it

Congratulations, Cathy! You are a joy to work with and you have a bright future ahead of you.


Anonymous said...

man, she has absolutely gorgeous hair. lovely photos, jen!
~ann b.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful young lady:)

Pietila Family said...

Great pictures Jen!! Did you go to J.B. Beach? If so, I used to love sitting amongst the rocks, listening to the waves crash and looking for sea glass there...

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

J.B beach it is! So awesome there.