The Big Island of Hawai'i: Part 3

Wow, I've been meaning to catch up on my blog, chronologically, but Clients come first, of course!
So, just in case you are up for more pics of Hawai'i . . .
Here's a glimpse of our last day on the Big Island . . .

Valentine's Day.

So, the guys just HAD to go fishing in the morning . . . but
T and I were OK with that because we decided to go shopping for just a bit in sunny Kona and buy ourselves some Valentine's Day presents LOL. (If they can go fishing . . . we can do whatever we want!)

there were . . .hibiscus everywhere!
{I have a 28-75 f/2.8 MACRO Tamron lens; it actually works quite well for the $. It's nice for up close flower shots.}

The guys returned from fishing earlier than expected, so we decided to drive south of Kona for more exploring. The south Kona area is famous for "Kona Coffee". Yum.

We drove around the southern point of the island to the famous Black Sands Beach or Punaluu Beach.

Yes, the sand was black as black can be!

Little surfers.

Dried lava . . .

Yeehaw! Looks like fun!

The hubby . . . quite in thought here.

When we were leaving the beach, this local kid was proudly showing off his new puppies. Of course, I instantly fell in love with them!!! Glad that he was happy to pose for the camera.

Driving back towards the southern point . . . beautiful coastline!

We took a one lane road to "South Point" . . . the southern most point in the United States, about the same latitude as Mexico City. WINDY!!! there.

Kite fliers and fishermen.

After the drive back to Kona, we cooked up a special Valentine's Day dinner. It was breakfast food, but since the guys wanted to go fishing, we just saved our meal for dinner.
Fresh strawberry Crepes, bacon, Kona coffee, and strawberry slushies with heart straws! (Thanks to T for the cute Valentine's Day props).

We watched some of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and then by 5am the next day, we were off to Kauai! I will really try to blog about that soon.


KATRINA said...

Take me away..a secret place...a sweet escape...take me away.

Pocket Full of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield

Brita said...

Funny that you mention that lens. I was just reading reviews on it last night. Do you use it for portraits?

Pietila Family said...

Aww...just beautiful. That rock gorge is awesome! ~ Trisha

VickyMattil said...

A.w.e.s.o.m.e.!! I was wondering who those beautiful feet belong to?? did you take some black sand home with you?

Anonymous said...

Love those pics of the black sand beach! My son is sure photogenic, didn't get it from me! Great photos once again...Mom Skoog

Julie said...

I can't believe that color blue! And I love the pink toenails against the black sand- fun and pretty contrast. The table one was very cool- you're great at prop photos, too! Trying to pick a favorite but I can't. They're beautiful and I'm glad you got to go.

Karlee said...

All of your pictures are amazing!! i always try to take some time to just look through them and wish i was there :)