Sonny: Part 1 {Northern Minnesota Photographer}

Hello everyone!
It's been awhile.  A month if I am correct.
I hope everyone's holiday season is going along at least somewhat or mostly merrily.

I have been busy as usual. Have been meaning to write a post just dedicated to our new boy, Sonny Skoog, who was born on August 17, 2010.  Unknown birthweight.  He is a healthy, thriving boy!
And the cutest thing ever. (I am not biased)

These photos were taken back in October so he's quite a bit bigger now.
But this new puppy mom will be posting quite a bit of Sonny's growth for you all to see later.

If I must say do, Papa Nate has been enjoying {puppy} fatherhood.
Sonny listens and obeys quite a bit better to his papa than his mom.
Oh, well.  

His little puppy collar is now tight on him. I had to upgrade him to a larger one the other day.
Oh, Sonny, you are SO cute!!
Auntie Leanna came to visit this fall and we took him out on a walk on the trails behind our house.

Auntie Brynn took over the leash after a little while.
Sonny didn't want to cooperate for photos. {I am working on that one!}

This is what he looks like when he's begging for food at the table.
Who could resist?

He was always so thirsty when we got him, I almost had him tested for Diabetes. 
But, his growth was good, so I lost suspicions.
His paws were (and still are) a bit too big for him as he jaunts along ... he is going to be a huge dog.
Stops to smell (and taste) everything along the way, too. Kinda like a crawling baby.
Sorry for the fuzz, but this is just the best example of puppy dog eyes, hey?

Oh, Sonny, I just love you so much! 
I can't imagine if God gives us children {of the human kind that is} how much we truly would love them ... I mean I am already sooooooo attached to this little guy here {and he's "just" a dog!}  
But we feel really happy to have him in our lives as he is just endlessly affectionate and loving.
He is a great source of joy in my life right now and 
he helps to ease some of the pain of this condition{infertility} 
I've/we've been dealing with {it's an emotionally very isolating and difficult to say the least} 
 for a long while ...

So please forgive me if I am a little over-zealous as a dog mother. 

I have to admit I've been tempted to update my facebook status {as happy new (human) parents often do with things like: 

"Sonny's first time sleeping through the night without howling!"
"Sonny gives the best puppy kisses"
"What Sonny's stole from the table today:  5 oz steak, 1/2 stick of butter, and 1 whole orange"
"Sonny learned to play fetch today!!"
"Out for a walk in the woods with my puppy dearest!"
"Bought Sonny's Christmas present today!"
"I love it when puppy greets me at the door with lots of kisses"

. . . you get the picture anyways. 

(BTW-- he really did steal all that food one day)

For now, I will try to be the best puppy mother / employee/ wife/ sister/ friend/ aunt/ photographer, etc that I can be.

Well, I better go, Sonny is digging in the Christmas presents.  

oh, dear. Looks like I will have to re-wrap some gifts.


Anonymous said...

Love the photos of my Grand-doggy!! Maybe you should seriously consider pet-photography, these are beautiful:) MIL

Jan said...

Ted and I are sitting here enjoying your pictures of Sonny, but he has sure grown since these were taken! You had better update us with more recent ones! (we want to see more dog photos) Go ahead, brag about Sonny, we don't mind : )
Better bring him over to visit with Jasper soon. Love, Sonny's great aunt.

Anonymous said...

Ah, your little guy is sooo adorable!

(going along with the appropriate fb replies you would be getting) great photos too.

-Love Katrina H

Anonymous said...

awww! he's adorable! gotta love the furry babies :)come brag anytime you'd like! karen

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! I was just picturing Sonny stealing the 5 oz steak... I'm guessing he didn't have puppy eyes at that point, more like "cat got the canary" eyes!

Tara said...

He's adorable and I'm happy you have him to shower with love!

MindiJo said...

Brag him up all you want! He's adorable. And, an orange?! Seriously? hahahahaha!

MindiJo said...

I had to come back and comment more. You clearly have a lot of love to give. I imagine your situation would be difficult. I hope it has a happy ending for you and yours.

Anonymous said...

cute with a capital "C" and said long and drawn out in one breath.
puppy love is great. glad you have a little lover.
~ann b.

Jill - A Farmer's Wife said...

Puppies need just as much love as a baby but just think...No diaper changes! Just kidding. I hope you find some answers soon. It's not easy not knowing why things happen or don't, but I've found out that every experience (no matter how hard) makes you a stronger person. Good Luck!

Anna said...

He is So. Cute. Awww. Enjoy the little dude:)