Wade: Class of 2011 {Wadena-Becker County Senior Photographer}

This handsome man happens to be Nate's brother--- he was such a good sport to help me "set-up" my studio on a moment's notice when the rain started.   
When I was asked to take his senior photos, I had a bit of a shock that he's already a senior!

Time really does fly when you get older because in my mind Wade was still in the 9th grade, but that's what living in Alaska will do to you!

I hope to do a bit more studio portraiture this winter. :)
(Studio is still a MAJOR work in progress)


A few days later, we were able to get some outside photos by our barn:

Here's a double dose of cuteness for y'all: 

 That's Wade with his cutest canine nephew ever, our "Sonny" puppy, 4 months old already!
(When I get some more client stuff done I plan to blog about him!--- This puppy mom has lots to brag about over here!)  

Wade's such a good uncle, can't you tell?! 

Thanks, Wade! 

There's a few galleries I have to upload to online so out internet connection will be busy.

Then, I will have to locate my puppy!  Maybe he fell asleep in my closet again.


Jan said...

I have a soft spot for Wade, he has such a charming smile. I love the photos of him in the checked/plaid shirt. Cute pup!

Anonymous said...

Gosh he is looking so grown up- time goes and you forget that kids get older too...!

joan j said...

I love all your new photos up here! Fun to see some of my home town people. Wade really looks like Nick--wow!
When Aila saw T&K's baby she started laughing like crazy and said "Pretty!" So true, you know how to capture the best!
Grant really wants you to know that he loves your puppy. :)

Miss Rossbach said...

Jennifer, can you send me a digital copy of Wade's senior portrait for the yearbook to drossbach@menahga.k12.mn.us