{Lake Minnetonka Minnesota Photographer}: Family Portrait

What great timing that my mother was able to have all her family together for less than 24 hours to do some family photos at the gardens down the road.
I had just flown back from Alaska.  Nate had just drove down from up north.  Boys were all in town. Bridget was just passing through in a mini-break between internship rotations in Maine and So Dak. 

Phew.  Seize the day!  

I could talk all day how much I love the warm evening light . . . 

This was in the open sun . . . a good tip is just to have the sun at your back, expose for the shadows in front.
I got quite a workout running from the tripod mounted camera to my "place" . . . next time I need a wireless remote or help from my fellow photographer friends!

The men of the family (including my one)

The people who have lovingly sacrificed and have gave so much to all of us:

Sisters: together at last!

Ok, gotta keep plugging away at the photos . . .
but I might have to call it a night since work time comes quite early.

Good night, everyone!


Pietila Family said...

Jen - These turned out awesome!! Wow. The lighting, setup and everything is perfect! And how awesome to all be together - if only for a bit. : ) (ACk! We still have your camp mat - will send it ASAP...)

Jan said...

I like the one of all of you seated the best. What a good looking family!

Anonymous said...

When you work with a timer and the photographer has to run into the picture, it usually makes everyone smile! Great pictures. We are hoping to get a family picture this weekend in Green Bay (at Kelli's). As families grow and spread across the country, it isn't often that all are in one place at the same time.
Love, Aunt Karen

Katelyn said...
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Katelyn said...

Nice pic's once again! Love the gardens...Great place for the photo shoot :) See you in a few days!

Anonymous said...

How fun to see everyone together. Wonderful pictures! The pic of mom and dad makes me smile. I loved the ones you had of K&W's family, too. Happy you are back in MN and getting settled into your own home and new job. Hugs to all. Love, Ann