Sun: What a treat! {Sitka Alaska Photographer}

My friend Katrina returned to Sitka! Yahoo.
She had a wonderful idea to go hiking on New Year's Day.
It was exactly, {I mean exactly!} "what the Doctor prescribed", too!
A day outside in the glorious winter sun that we don't get to see enough of.

This is Beaver Lake.
The smooth ice was pristine . . . there was one lucky skater making the tracks.

We wished we had our skates, too.
I love skating. Back in the day, my dream was to be a figure skater. Taught myself a couple things.
I would go outside in like 3 pairs of tights and some sort of skirt and skate around, wiping my blades off frequently so they would stay "shiny". I pretended I was in the Olympics.
Oh, it was such fun!

Fun the the Vancouver Olympics are coming up, too!
Always have to have things to look forward to.


Pietila Family said...

What a beautiful day you had for a hike! Your pictures make me want to come there and skate. For hours. Skating on lakes without snow is one of my absolute favorite things to do! I have only had the opportunity to do it a handful of times...but there is just something about it that makes my heart sing!

Anna said...

Ok, fine, I guess you can have Trina back...:)

That lake would be SUCH fun to skate on. I agree with Trisha, it's an awesome thing to do...frozen lakes without snow don't happen around here very often.

Julie said...

So beautiful! Glad you took advantage of it and came back with beautiful photos to share with the rest of us. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahgg, I want to rewind to Friday and have skates along. The lake and day were so perfect for it!
-Katrina H