{Park Rapids Minnesota Area Photographer}: Family Portrait

Last weekend during deer hunting opener, it was warm, sunny, but windy!
These are some of the most adorable, entertaining kids I've photographed to date. 

Immediately, I was in awe of this peeling red shed.

I tend to like the ones where not everyone's looking at the camera:

Their idea: 
Love it!

"Are you taking pictures of our shoes?" asked the little cowboy.

This is a split second catch here:

Doesn't this just make you happy to look at?

Yep, it was windy!

"Take our picture!" says the little cowboy again.

He sure is a handsome cowboy, huh?

One of my favorites ever:

Oh, those eyes!

Gotta love those big sister's piggy back rides!

And Dad's "wee rides"  (isn't that what people call them?)

Thanks for a fun afternoon on your farm!


Jan said...

so cute! I love the cowboy! Yes, we'd love to come sit on your new couch : )

Anonymous said...

I love them! We had fun with our photograper too! Thank you so much for making this fit in your schedule. Bring your hubby and come visit sometime!
Kristine H

Liz Pietila said...

These pictures are adorable!! I don't know how you ever pick just a few!! Beautiful people.... Love you all ~ Liz

Shannon said...

What beautiful kids! Jen, I'm amazed all the time at how you can capture personalities and emotions in your pictures..amazing!

Brita said...

How very precious. Kristine, the baby only gets cuter!

Liz Pietila said...

Jennifer ~ I have to tell you I have visited your blog every day since you put these pictures on here and looked at them all one more time. They are so cute! You have a gift. Perhaps it helps that I love these little ones too but you have captured so much all in a click of the camera. I am in awe. Liz