Back in Action: Abby & Kyle Engaged! {Then Married}

What a week.
Time is flying by and this blog has been woefully neglected for various {legit} reasons.
But, I am so fortunate to have been able to fly to MN for a week for much needed time with friends and family!

{Bonus: I got lucky enough to take photos for Abby and Kyle, too!}

Here are some highlights from their engagement session.

It was thoroughly enjoyable to capture them. Abby was full of laughs and Kyle was so good to go along with the ideas.

As you can tell, we had some beautiful, yet strong, backlighting. I decided to play it up and shoot away . . . just love it.

This was just so much fun!

And a preview of their wedding day!

It's good to be back in action.

Thank you, Kyle and Abby!
will work on your wedding photos now . . .


Elizabeth said...

I'm such a fan of backlighting! You do such a wonderful job with it. I can't wait to see the wedding photos!

Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures Jennifer. They turned out really good! So fun to see. -Stephanie

Brita said...

WOW! I'll say it again, you have an amazing talent.

joan j said...

I love the ones with the backlighting too! Super cute, I like how they aren't so posed. It was fun to see you!

Amanda Kay said...

I've been wondering where you were!! I always love looking at your pictures. Plus I love to see if I know the people in your pictures from way back when....brings back many fun memories of my many trips to MN when I was young!

Anonymous said...

These are great! Love all the poses!