New JSP Website!

I completely went a new and different route for my new website.

I decided I was never going to master CSS and html codes, so I went with a great company and customized the site to my liking.

It's so hard to decide what photos to upload! I feel like you become "attached" to some of the little kiddos and it was so fun to try to capture personalities.

So even though I've been muddling through the muck here, it feels good to finally have accomplished something off my list
in the form of an "official website" :)

Happy Friday, everyone.

p.s. the website requires flash player; it may take a little bit for some sections to load it your connection is a slower one.


Katie said...

Looks great Jenn! Still thinking of you- we'll have to chat soon!

Julie said...

Congrats on the new site- it's gorgeous! How exciting. :)

Katelyn said...

Very impressed with the website! Fun to see your photography business taking off :)

Jan said...

Wow! looks good Jen! I like your portraits a lot, but your wedding photography is spetacular! I think it is the thing of capturing an event. Does this mean you are quitting your day job?

Jan said...

oh, but I was wondering, what about your scenery pictures for sale? You should have a link to those- I loved browsing through them.

Pietila Family said...

How fun! Your site looks awesome. I had the same question as Jan about your scenery pictures. I've been wanting to order one. If I can only decide which one!!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

The site looks great! How exciting!

I like your 'about' page blurb, and the picture of you is really cute.

I'm excited for you!

~ Jennifer

Anonymous said...

great new site! Been missing you here on the blog. Patiently waiting for your return ;)