High Winds . . .

High winds today means my travels to the little village of Metlakatla are halted. Of course, I find that out after I already had arrived in Ketchikan to get my float plane connection to Met . . . they paged me through to airport intercom to let me know.

So, since the Ketchikan airport is on an island (Gravina) , we had to take a ferry across to the other island (Revillagidedo (sp?) ) that the town is actually on. Found a little motel and luckily it has free wi-fi and decaf coffee! Yahoo!
{I've spent the last few hours on the computer researching Hawai'i and catching up on my "Bachelor" episodes. I know. I know. }

Hopefully the little plane will take off tomorrow.

However, in the case it doesn't, I won't be too surprised, being how even the big 747 Alaska Airlines jet that I flew in to Ketchikan in was literally "teter-tottering" on its wings on its descent. I could never be a pilot with that stress. Always thankful when the plane lands safely!

And bummer deal. I am actually in a motel that has a TV, and was PLANNING on watching the Vikings game today.
Yes, me.
The "one who- knows- absolutely- next- to- nothing- about- football- and- can't- name- a -single- player- except- for- Favre",
yep. That's me.
I was actually planning to watch . . .
and guess what.
NO channels here show it . None. Zero. Nada.
You're Kidding me!!!!!!! Believe me, I scoured all the channels about 20 times. Nope, no Vikes game.

Luckily the free wi-fi helped me catch the score.

Too bad, no Superbowl for the Vikes, but maybe next year.

Here's a photo to humor you from my last float plane trip from Met.
So Alaska.


Anonymous said...

Ek, safe travels on the rest of your journey! At least your stranded on this trip for work instead of you next trip for fun. We'll have to get together when your back in town.

-Katrina H

Jan said...

I love that photo- it illustrates so much with so little. Hey, it sounds like fun to me- flying, getting stranded in a motel, etc. I am sure in real life it isn't that much fun. (I was stranded in the house with my kids for the weekend.)

Julie said...

Wow, you are one brave girl! Hopefully it still works out to go. I watched the Vikings game and wish I hadn't. It was stressful. I also watch The Bachelor, but we won't talk about that. ;)

Loved this post!

Krista said...

We (strangely, the guys didn't invite us over) found a website to watch the game on! Frustrating to watch though... Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

When do you leave? I'm wishing I could come too!