Driving to the End of the Road

"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary." ~Aaron Rose
Arrowhead Peak.
I walked as fast as I could because the light quickly changes!

On our drive to the end of the road . . .
Bridgee, this one's for you. We tried to heli-ski, but didn't have the talent so they wouldn't fly us up! :) (jk)

Scenes at the "end of the road"

Light like this makes me feel alive! really.
Mother Nature puts on some crazy displays. No one can truly capture the whole place with a camera.

"All the conditions and relations of sun, air, water and mountain
were as we would have them-
a scene such as artists try in vain to paint
and travelers to describe."
~John Burroughs
The Harriman Alaska Expedition.


Jan said...

wow. Awesome pictures. soak up the scenery there!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

These pictures are all beautiful, Jennifer. Absolutely beautiful.

I really like that first quote.

Megan Lorraine said...

Awesome is all I can think of! :) How wonderful that you have these pictures to be able to look back upon and remember your time in Alaska when you no longer live there.

joan j said...

WOW! These pictures are great! The lighting is something else. You're so lucky to have such beauty right in front of you. Give us some more!

Laura Jean said...

Gorgeous!!! If MN had this kind of scenery I wouldn't mind winter one bit! :)

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

If only Sitka looked like this everyday :) (Many days of rain, and deep gray clouds . . . so wheen there's sun, it really helps to make up for its absence)
But if you take your camera everywhere, whether you are in AK or anywhere, it's fun when you start to really see things around you, you can find beauty everywhere and photos just "pop" out at you. Jennifer- I love the photo a day you do. I love to see everyone's blogs and pics. Joan, when are you getting a blog? Soon, I hope!

Anna said...

Wowzas. Just, wowzas.

joan j said...

ME?! Getting a blog? I'll just stalk you people who are up and running in this world. And who have photographic tendancies. I love looking at your pictures!
My life just consists of waiting for this baby to come and (yay!) going to Nora's for sewing club tonight. That makes me sound motherly doesn't it?
Hey, when are you moving back to this state?

MindiJo said...

I'm moving in with you. FYI. Your pictures are just too tempting.