A Day with SUN

Sun, sun glorious sun! I walked the 2 miles to the post office because there was sun!
Here's bits from along the walk.One of the many churches in Sitka.
Here are the shrubs by the church.

The colored window pattern of the church.
I'm trying to figure how someone may have designed the middle window. I just thought it looked supreme in the lighting.
I love sun.


Megan Lorraine said...

I bet your like me when we get sun in the winter! I just get all happy and in a good mood :)b

Julie L. said...

oh- I reallly like that top picture.. looks very cool.

Juliana said...

It's a treat to visit your blog for the pics AND music...thanks for introducing me to Brandi Carlile...love her stuff!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Is that window made with rocks and crushed glass? It looks really cool!

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Yay for sun in the winters; lack of it teaches you to not take it for granted. Jennifer- I am not sure what that window is exactly up to-- it seems random, hey? That's why I like it. :)