See What Cooked up in Alaska

When Nate got home from Juneau, he dropped a pile of corn bread mixes on the floor and proudly said, "Jen, look at the good deal I got! Only 25 cents!" Yum. Had a bit of trouble fitting them in the cupboard, but ok. They went well with our steak dinner. Nate's dad donated some "home-grown" steaks from their farm in the rural northern MN. Some of the best steak I've ever ate, and I am not a big red meat eater.
Just for fun, I toasted raw almonds under the broiler and they tasted quite good!
(and . . . I actually didn't burn them! I'm notorious for burning food. Anyone who's ever lived with me would know! )
By the way, if anyone's been following the news,
what really might be cooking up in AK is a volcano! Keep posted and hope for the best.

Have a great day!


Megan Lorraine said...

I actually heard about your volcano!Wow! Would it erupting have much of an effect on you guys where you are? Stay safe! :)

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

We are way across the way in southeast Alaska . . . we will stay tuned to the news.