Sitka got a dusting of snow the other day, so I had to snap a few pics in the yard while the snow was still a bit fluffy. We've been getting rain, hail, and windstorms lately, so no pictures of the mud outside are in store.
Fishnet fence.

How's everyone hanging in there with the winter? While it's not extreme cold here(those warm Japanese currents), the long periods of wet and gray make me feel pretty BLAH.
Like Karen, I will have to (day)dream about somewhere tropical.
Most realistic destination: tanning salon.
Yes, I know about the skin cancer risks . . . but just get me some (artificial) sunshine and make me some Vitamin D!
Side note about Vitamin D: In the most recent nutrition research about Vitamin D, scientists showed greater breast cancer survival rates in those who have sufficient Vitamin D levels at diagnosis. (BTW, only 25% of people has adequate levels at diagnosis.)
(There are certainly other benefits to Vit D as well . . . )
Get Vitamin D from:
{1.} Sunshine
{2.} fortified milk, some cereals, eggs, salmon, tuna . . .
{3.} Supplements (take Vitamin D3 form), take with a meal.
So, Most of us northern climate dwellers are likely Vitamin D deficient.
I guess the doctor ( er, I mean dietitian) prescribes a warm weather vacation for all!


Karen AMH said...

I'm a fan of your prescription :) Hope the "artificial" sun helps with the gray days!

Laura Jean said...

Man! Blogs keep getting lost on my list- it's been too long since I've stopped by yours! And I always enjoy your photography!

I personally use a Happy Lite. Yes, that's the name of it! It's for S.A.D. (how lame is that name, anyway?) :D I've been using it for three winters now and it works WONDERS for me! I sit by it while I'm the computer for about 30 minutes every morning. The maker is Verilux, if you're interested. It's a good investment! You don't get the heat or color of a tanning salon, but it's good for your skin! :D

Jan said...

I've got my "SunSation" I sit in front of every morning myself, just like Laura above. I have really noticed a difference this winter!

Hey, I was telling your ma-in-law we should come visit you, but alas, we don't have the cash- how about you send us tickets and we'll come visit???
Wouldn't that be a treat? I am sure you are laughing off your chair now : )

JP said...

Greetings from Ann Arbor! I've never stopped by, found you by way of Torm. Glad to be reminded of Enya (loved her years ago, gonna throw that up on my playlist). The last week in January gray days started to get to me then I discovered birdsongradio.com over on iTunes and now I walk around the tropical jungle/aviary that is my kitchen all day long. Good luck with the gray days.

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Thanks all! I did get some artifical sun the other day, and I'm gonna see about the lights. And birdsongradio! how fun. Thanks for stopping by from MN and MI!