Kauai, Part 1: Sand and Surf

On Feb 15, at the early hour of approximately 7:00 am we arrived in Lihue, Kauai after a short layover in Honolulu.

Instantly, we could see why this island is called the "Garden Isle".

We were much to early to check into our condo on the north side, so first things first, find a beach!
This beach was hidden, not in any tour guides, but locals apparently come here frequently to surf . . . the stairs down were fairly steep, a bit treacherous.

Aloha! Glad to be in the sun!

Later that day, after we had settled into our condo, I took a solo drive and found Anini beach.
Yes, it was lovely.
Do you feel any stress looking at it?
Nope, didn't think so.

The thing about relaxation is, of course, you must feel internally at peace, too.
Nature can help that.
However, during this trip was a very trying personal time and although looking at these photos all seems beautiful and well . . .

I must say that in all honesty, I feel some of those painful emotions I felt at this time of my life flooding back . . . who would think that? . . . looking at a paradise-ish beach scene in Kauai?

But I have hope that you only become stronger through trials and difficulties, and often try to think of people going through what would seem like worse challenges . . .to find strength and comfort from them that they, too, have made it through.

Above: tried my hand at a few Lightroom presets for a new effect! Just for fun.
The next morning, I went out for a walk because, well, who wouldn't enjoy a morning stroll on vacation. This golf course looked stunning . . . wouldn't have minded playing some, but . . .my golf skills are lacking. Time to put down the camera and pick up the clubs, I guess! kidding . . .

That day, we ventured to the town of Hanalei.
The beach there was packed with people,
of all ages. :)

Soon, though, dark clouds rolled in and rain began to fall, but our hearty Minnesotan/Alaskan husbands stayed out to catch some surf . . . with almost the whole beach to themselves.

Phew! ;)

T & I caught some surf, too (barely) on these kind of boards. I loved having the little P/S Olympus waterproof camera.
This was so much fun.
Except for the saltwater mouthwash.
Here goes!
(Can't you just imagine the wave tumbling over you!)

This is the Hanalei Valley overlook, just a few minutes walk from the condo where we stayed.

Once again, it's already after midnight and the alarm comes too quickly . . .
Good night from Alaska.
Thanks for "listening".


Julie said...

Looks positively dreamy. :) Hope you're in a better place. Life's a crazy journey, isn't it?

Tara said...

Beautiful photos, the first two look like paintings. I had to look at them a few times to make sure they were photos! The ocean looks delicious, you capture it well.