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~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Hi Jennifer! (Emily & Nick stopped over this weekend, and I got your blog address from her.) Your scenery pictures are so pretty! Mark always talks about Alaska, and would love to go back someday. It's fun to see it through your lense. Seeing grizzlies would be SOME experience! Mark and I watched a pretty good size black bear stroll across our driveway this summer, and *that* got my heart thumping! I'd be in total awe watching a grizzly. {I'm terrified of, but fascinated by, bears.} :)

I hope you guys are enjoying it up there! It looks beautiful.

God's Peace,

~ Jennifer

KATRINA said...

G'day niece,

Thinking I'd find the images youd captured of the random bits of my life here under "wildlife"....why not? ;)

Aunt Katrina

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not hear the music."

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