A Cloudy, Mild Day

So, the other day . . . I was feeling pretty uninspired, photographically speaking. I "had" to do an assignment for Unit 1 in my photography course. And when you "have" to do something, it just takes some of the fun away. So, I didn't feel like waiting for more dramatic lighting, so I just walked around a bit and here's some of the catch from the day. First two pics were taken at f/22, for maximum depth of field. Orders from headquarters. :)

I did not use any of these to send in for my project, but somehow I liked the dreariness and subdued lighting. I "warmed" them up a bit in picasa, but it helps to use the "cloudy" white balance setting on your camera.
These were all taken within 1/8th of a mile of our house.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Juliana said...

Wow... awesome shots! They make me want to travel or live up that way. What a fun experience for you guys...what does Nate do up there? I don't remember the last time I've talked to you, but that's what is fun w/ these blogs/facebook-connecting:)
Juliana (Eskola)Johnson

Jan said...

dreary? It doesn't look dreary at all to me!

Sometimes pushing yourself when you're not feeling it is really good- really forces you to get creative and "see" something you haven't seen that way before. Did that make any sense?

I can't wait 'til you move here- then we can be best friends...Okay, that's a pretty strong statement, but you can hear my humor can't you? can't you??? (I am hoping- otherwise I might seem REALLY wierd to you : ) What I am actually meaning is that I dig your "art sense" and I want to hang out and talk about art and photography...

Jan said...

oh, and I like the photos!

Anna said...

I think the pictures turned out great! So you're taking a class? What fun- I'd love to find the time to learn a little of the technical side of photography...and get a decent camera, etc...:)

Karen AMH said...

WOW Jennifer!! These are awesome! Makes me want to come up there -- I've never thought I wanted to go to Alaska, but I think you've changed my mind.
Have a great week! Love, Karen

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Hey thanks, y'all :)Your comments all made my day.
Juliana- Hi!! I know, isn't it fun! Do you have a blog? Nate does construction and fishes.
Jan, hey yes, it will be so fun to move back and be best buds :) I will need YOUR creative sense to wear off on me (plus our hubby seem to share some crazy traits, we need support for that,too hehe)
Anna and Karen, come to Alaska anytime. This is such a tiny fraction of Alaska on the island here.

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Jan, oops, I meant to write "our hubbies'" . . . or whatever is gramatically correct. makes it sound like we have the same husband. Ha, get people wondering. Just kidding.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Wow, these are phenomenal.

That second picture really 'speaks to me'.

I absolutely LOVE boats. I'm completely fascinated by them.

Your pictures make me want to see it all in real life!

Julie L. said...

I love, love, love that second photo... it belongs on a canvas, really it does!