A Merry Christmas

Leanna, modeling her new clothes (from me :))

Mom, opening Trevor's gift, made in Miss Skoog's 3rd grade class!

Katelyn's new hat

Reflection in ornament

All sizes and shapes of tarts!


brianna gray said...

Hey Jennifer! I took a self portrait in a bulb too! Ha ha! Cute! Anyway, where are you taking your photography course again? I know you mentioned it before, but I couldn't remember. Let me know if you get a sec! I'm really looking for a way to learn more! Thanks! Happy New Year!!

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Hey Brianna! Thanks! How was your Christmas? Great work on all your photo shoots!! New York Institute of Photography is where I'm taking the class. I am almost through Unit 1- it feels good to get a comprehensive training. It's a distance learning course. I am excited to keep on going! Let me know if you decide on anything-it would be so fun to know a "co-student/photographer" :) Happy New Year!