Tulips courtesy of the husband.
Card courtesy from the always thoughtful M-I-L. :)

Little sibs made cards for me in school.
So sweet.


Jan said...

tulips are better than roses in my books! he ain't so bad after all ; )

joan j said...

Wow! Those are really pretty! Little jealous...:) Hey, did you know Steph and Kevin had their baby? Warren Charles on the 13th.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Looks like you had a pretty Valentine's Day!

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Jan, yeah he buys them and tosses them at me says "I had to but these or else you would be made at me" silly man.

Joan, thanks for the news!! Will call her!

Jennifer, the few fun V-day things around I had to take note amongst the clutter. Hope yours was good.

Jan said...

oh, I guess he's gotta learn some better techniques of delivery : )
Jess and I were just talking about how much fun it would be to have you here- we could take out our cameras and set up some backgrounds and take pictures. We are hoping that you wouldn't mind teaching/showing us a few things...or else I could just watch you take pictures, that would be fun too!

Laura Jean said...

I do think tulips are better than roses most the time! But the way you take photographs you can make weeds look beautiful! :)

vickymattila said...

I personally don't care if its roses or tulips! Any kind of colorful flower will do in my book.. I just need to convince my husband to be more romantic.. could be a challenge.. Very creative! you have a gift, Jen!! I love your blog!