Herring Season

Herring season in Sitka is in full force! The town is brimming with commercial boats waiting for the call to get out to the herring fishing grounds and to catch their share of the harvest. At work, people are excited about eating their share of herring eggs, too!
To really get a feel for the significance of herring season in South East Alaska, check out the Nat'l Geographic website link here.
Last weekend, I went on a whale watching cruise in honor of herring season.
Swarming groups of Sealions are loudly hunting for herring.

Boats by the seafood processing plant. It's likely they were submitting a test sample for the officials to decide if the herring populations and maturity are appropriate for the start of the season.

The next day, Sunday, Nate and I were visiting at our neighbors and we heard the announcement of the "Start" of herring season! The fishing boats are on 2 hour notice, so shortly we noticed a long trails of boats as far as you could see heading out of the harbor towards the grounds, to fish for an unknown amount of time.
Some of the herring spotter pilots are staying next door to us and they reported "mass chaos" and a truly "Combat Fishing" environment.

To see more pics of Sitka sea life, check out this link:



Rebecca said...

Hi Jennifer,
I loved looking at your pictures of Sitka Sea Life! I'm excited for Lorina to experience the beauty of Sitka.
~Rebecca P

Anonymous said...

just watched the N.G. video----wow! very interesting. just watching my heart was pounding for those fishermen.
~ann b.

Jennifer Skoog M. said...

Hey, my name used to be Jennifer Skoog before I got married. I grew up in AK. My parents are from MN. Just thought it was a funny enough coincidence to make a comment on your blog. Your pictures are great!