Marvels on the Trail

Saturday, a small group of us hiked the Thimbleberry-Heart Lake Trail.
It was another sunny, beautiful day!
Thimbleberry Lake.
I just love going on new trails.

This is Rob, soon-to-be "Doctor of Pharmacy".
You know what that means.
Just kidding!
He joked I should do a personal ad for him!
Well, here it is:
He's a nice guy, single, likes to discuss politics, medicine, anything, really.
Well, we will see when I see him next at work what he says about his ad.
Oh, if you want his digits, I can get them for you.
So many incredible waterfalls along the trail. Really, I resisted photographing all.
Not that I am bored with them, it's just that I like to just enjoy them in plain sight, not always from behind the camera.

This is why I am glad I had my zoom lens:
These bears were in a contained area.
Just in case you were wondering.
Eagle. The brown kind. We have the bald kind up here, too!

I looked up on the drive home, and this is what I saw.
Hit the breaks, turned around, took the camera out, . . .
Nature is amazing.
P.S. I really love nature, and I also love people!
So, as much as I love photographing nature, I am working on photographing people, too!
More in the coming months.


Laura Jean said...

I was loving every photograph and then I got to the last one and actually gasped out loud! AMAZING!!! A "MUST FRAME"! :)

amy i said...

What amazing pictures here! Makes me really consider Alaska as our next get away, whenever that may be.....

aimee said...

Hi Jennifer, this is aimee k..I love your pics!! They make me want to move up there!! So pretty.

Anonymous said...

Jen- That last one of Arrowhead(?) is amazing...
~ Trisha

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Thanks y'all- so very nice of you. Alaska is a great getaway. Only trouble is it is far away from family. :(
Welcome anytime!

Julie L said...

Awesome photos Jennifer! How is your class going?

Lois said...

Wow. Your pictures are amazing!

Anonymous said...

my kids loved the bears.
a question on the "ad"--age? interests?
~ann b.

Anonymous said...

Haha is all I have to say :)

Well, and those photos are amazing! I can't wait to see the Mt. Verstovia ones! Thankfully a photo can't fully capture the stupidest thing I have ever said in my life. "Maybe it's the mountain....!" lol


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

That last one is amazing, Jennifer. I love all of these!

Juliana said...

The one w/ the brown and green trees, and blue sky and white mountain in the background is by far the best. I would love it in poster size on a wall. Would be so calming.