Don't get caught without a camera!!

I cruised into town yesterday evening to meet some friends for dinner. And this appeared. And I didn't have my camera!! I panicked for a second and then decided to use my trusty cell phone to capture this amazing sight. It was a full rainbow, and if you look closely you can see a second fainter rainbow, too. I must say it was the most scenic dinner I've ever had!
Miracles on earth, I tell you!

Oh, and Happy Earth Day! In honor of the many wonders of our planet. (and of cell phones)

So, i am breaking up my "chronologically ordered posts in this honor . . . Someone tell me I have OCD and need a "chill pill"!


amy i said...

Thank you for posting these, Jen, and for breaking your OCD streak. The wonderous beauty of God's love given through this promise of the rainbow is one that should be taken as it comes!!! Great cell phone impromtu pix. And it's good for you, too, to "break it up a bit" :P Happy Earth day to you, too:)

MindiJo said...

Cool pictures.

BTW: do you know if you can burn a cd from the music you pick on playlist.com? Your music would be perfect for my stretching segment of my exercise class. I've been using the same stuff over and over. Even though it has 16 songs, it's getting really old.

Karen AMH said...

Awesome pictures Jen! You must have a pretty sweet cell phone. and I keep thinking it must be great to live amongst such beauty! Hope you're enjoying this weekend

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome pictures. All of mine were from inside the restaurant. :( I think I may have captured some of us in one of them, I just have to work at getting them off my phone. How's Minnesota going? It feels nice to be back with my family in Va. :)


Julie L said...

These are awesome! so, so pretty

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Amy- haha I needed your reassurance! Amen!

Mindi-- I have no idea if you can burn a cd from playlist.com? Do you have an account with them? it's free!

Rob- Great to hear you are enjoying Va! I am enjoying MN so far, just not the traffic.

Karen and Julie-- (well, I did sharpen these up a bit since the res is quite poor) but glad to be able to have the cell with.