Emma, 1 year!

Emma has this beautiful fluffy hair that I wanted so badly to try to accentuate!
All these photos are with natural light, some with a silver sided reflector.
She was happy as a clam. Except when we tried to do some photos in front of the backdrop . . . instant tears!
I have some serious poses in the more "formal" shots.
So if anyone has any special tricks for kids for doing the studio type shots, I'm all ears!

Sticks make great toys!!
I am loving to photograph kids in their natural environments, especially outside.
Outdoors seems to instantly calm babies.

Yes, she tried to eat this :)
This age is so fun.


Elizabeth said...

Kids are hard, but so rewarding when you get that perfect shot! I love your photos.

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Thanks so much, Liz! I often like to admire your photos . . . :)