Five Girls and Two Boys

Helen asked me to do a family photo session for their 7 children.
It was fun to see all of their different personalities.

I found a spot of open shade, being as it was a brightly lit day in early evening.

The group shots are at f/8 . . . maybe I should've opened up a little bit more, but I wanted to make sure everyone was in focus . . . learning from each one!!

Helen and Aaron

Dad and his boys.


joan j said...

Jen these turned out awesome! very nice. I like how you arranged everyone, no "rock pile of heads" look.

Jan said...

gorgeous. I highly commend you, as I know a group this size is not easy!! : ) And kids can be so active!
love the color, but I like the b&w too.

brianna gray said...

Beautiful! Love that first color family shot!!

joan j said...

Who do you have playing on here? "been running from these feelings for so long...."

Anna said...


Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Thanks, all. See if look at them, then I figure out more an more of "coulda, shoulda" tried this, did that! But people don't turn pro in a week! :)

Anywhoo, Joan, it's Sara Evans!

Anonymous said...

I meant to comment on these earlier - you did awesome! Every once in a while I have to come peak back at these when I'm feeling a little lonesome :) Trisha