Mi Tia Katrina

Here' a post I've been WAITING to do, and finally did!
I visited my Quadri-lingual Aunt Katrina {more like an older sister to me} when I was in Minnesota.
I had so much fun at her apartment and saw "art" exuding everywhere so had to take some shots of the visual stimulants.

She's been rather studious these days, finishing up her degree in Linguistics and {??}, while working several jobs.
. . . and she's been temporarily "forced" to settle, but plans to resume her world travels, teaching English along the way.

The kitchen is full of fun odds and ends.
I love her herb garden {below} . . . with intentions of using the herbs someday :)
We laughed so much knowing how each other operates.
{I have to say that while I may be a bit more organized, I still mange to kill many plants and burn food . . . LOL}

She has a porch with lots of natural light . . . and served up some good pizza for lunch.

I love all the color and the space is so totally "Katrina" style.

The picture on the above right is of my Grandma Ruth . . . quite the lady she was . . . and still is!

Evidence of her studies.

We went for dinner at the "Town Talk Diner" in Minneapolis . . . "sabrosa!"

Even though I grew up in the Minneapolis area, I have never been a big city girl. However, it was great to hang out in the city and soak up the lights and atmosphere. There are so many fun areas in Minneapolis-St. Paul area with all the lakes and such. {and great photoshoot locations!}
Just a monthly dose of nicotine, right? Monthly?!

And for last:
Love the message.
and the spoon
{and may I say it is from our trip to Argentina, bought at the markets of Buenos Aires--isn't it so fun to remember past travels?}

{pps-- This is to give you insight into Katrina's personality: she had joked that I should categorize her post under "wildlife" . . . i just may do that! . . . even though I get a sense her life is more calm and peaceful now}

Ti amo!


Shannon said...

Grandma was SO PRETTY!! No wonder grandpa was smitten :)

Megan Lorraine said...

AWESOME colors Jen! Very insperational to find art in our everyday lives!

Laura Jean said...

Love the photo post! I especially love the ones of Katrina- gorgeous shots!

Julie L said...

that looks like it was a fantastically fun visit :)

Anonymous said...

haven't seen Kat in too long a time.....gorgeous lady as always!
~ann b.

Cyndi H. said...

So good to see the lovely Katrina! It's been years... she's just as pretty and spunky as I remember. Great photos, Jen! Looks like you two enjoyed a marvelous time together. :)

KATRINA said...


I just had to check out your wildlife post again...I wanted to experience the strides I've made since that photo shoot. It is bloody amazing how so much can change in one year...from my cozy little apartment to a Saudi villa. Mamma mia!

con tanto affeto,

Special K