A Sitka Family {Alaska Family Photographer}

Last weekend, the rain stopped and we were able to meet for a photo session at Sitka's Totem Park. I had so much fun meeting Dustin, Krystal and their two adorable, vibrant girls!

I had to act quickly to catch Abby's quick hugs to her older sister :)

Seaweed, seaweed, everywhere. It was cushioning the entire beach.

I couldn't decide if I wanted the color or the brown and white:

The shore is full of life; there were little quarter size crabs they were looking at.

Don't think we told them to do this :) They have a great sisterly affection that makes them so fun to photograph!

Nearing the end of the session, the girls were full of expressions :)

Thanks so much, guys for having me photograph you and your family! You are a joy to photograph!


Ev said...

Awesome, Jen! Great collages. ;) It looks like they were a lot of fun to photograph. May you get many more Sitka clients!

Anna said...

Oh my goodness. These are gorgeous! Wonderful.

Karen AMH said...

Wow, these pictures are awesome Jennifer! Beautiful! I think my favorite one is the girls skipping (?) down the road with all of the trees.

Katelyn said...

Hey I know this family! Once again great job on your pic's!!

MindiJo said...

Wow! About the color vs. brown and white: definitely the brown and white. What a gorgeous family. Those girls are perfect! Great job catching those hugs and stuff! Wow.

Loretta Marie said...

Great Pictures Jen! Even though I don't know the family at all, you were able to bring some tears to my eyes by capturing the love they have for each other!