This is going to sound odd, but,
I survived the Holidays!

Thank you for the well wishes; I feel so grateful for friends and family who thought of us.
We miss you all! Hope everyone had a joyful Christmas.

I have to be honest; Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I was so insanely emotional for reasons beyond reason.
It really sunk in.
I felt like an elementary school age kid again, just mad that I couldn't get what I wanted: to be with family on Christmas.

Then, after the smoke { . . . er, tears} cleared, I realize that I am so very thankful to have friends to spend the holidays with, and family to care about.

And so thankful that we have dedicated soldiers fighting for our freedoms so we can choose to celebrate Christmas and to always have that freedom.
Now my heart breaks for people forced by the circumstances, to be a half a world apart from their homes for months and years.

Also, I am thankful that modern technology decided to be in our favor on Christmas Day! {Was able to "Skype" with my family and dear sibs}

Also, I was/am in bad need of music therapy. This crazy song actually makes me feel like fighting off the "bears" again!!
{*darn* those bears! They are supposed to be hibernating!!!!!!!}

This is how the song makes me feel:
Life is NO WAY, not EVER going to get me "down, down, down, down" again.


Ha. Ok, that's enough of my sentiments.

Love and hugs to all my dear blog readers!

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Julie said...

It would be hard to spend the holidays without families around... that must have been tough. Fun that you got to skype!

I love that song, by the way. :D My sister was shocked when I cranked it up the other day- she had no idea that I love happy upbeat R&B/pop music like that since I usually listen to more mellow music. :)