Thimbleberry-Heart and Nature's Reflections {Sitka Alaska Photographer}

One gorgeous July evening: 

we hiked the T-H trail, and jumped into Heart Lake!

sampled blueberries . . . thanks Z!

and observed the splendor of nature's art.

the girls were so kind to wait while I steadied the cam to catch some shots.

Unfortunately, this trail is now under a "Bear Warning" . . . I've been hearing PSAs on the radio alerting Sitkans to the plethora of bear sightings on the trails and to "Please use precautions".
Yeah. Thanks.

This girl is scared of hiking now. What used to be a wonderful , exhilarating experience is now anxiety provoking.  Maybe I have a tiny smidgen of PTSD? (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Even walking this evening, in the town outskirts, I ran into a bear cub munching on some berries. Luckily it was a ways away, I was able to snatch the dogs and instantly turn around. But now I feel like I can't even walk in town!

AGH. I am so tired of bears.
But, my dear blog readers, is the way it is on this brown-bear dense island.


Anonymous said...

pretty freaky experience with the grizzly there. we were just in MT and i was constantly worried about it when we hiked. there were numerous sightings, and several trails were closed due sightings, but we never ran into one, fortunately. keep that spray with you, and be safe!
~ann b.

Megan Lorraine said...

Hi Jen!
LOVE the scenery pictures! It's so pretty up there in the summer time! You could make some of those into puzzles, and give you something to look at and remember the sunny summer days during your long winter months! :)
As for the bears and hiking, I would think after an event like that, anyone would get nervous. Just give it time! :)

Julie said...

Those photos are breathtaking! Wow! Just catching up on your last few posts and I literally felt myself holding my breath while I was looking at these. So amazing.