Portrait: Cayla {Sitka Alaska Senior Photographer}

Wow, it's been a beautiful week here in Alaska . . . I've gotten to photograph some more beautiful seniors!

All week long . . . sunny . . . no clouds . . . 70ish temps. It's amazing. And it's mid-September . . .In Alaska!!  
So, my skills have been tested for shooting in sun. As most photographers know, overcast is the most soft and (easy?) light to shoot in, but sun can be awesome, too . . . just a little bit of a fun challenge :)

Cayla was so fun and up for all my ideas . . .

She has some amazing eyes!

Once again, I LOVE those Xtra Tuffs. 
It's definitely an Alaskan fashion statement.

We had some great lighting!

Congrats on your senior year, Cayla! Thanks a bunch!!  


KATRINA said...

I will begrudgingly say that...seeing those wedding photos...and they are fabulous...ummm...gives some tugs on my heartstrings.

Well done, as always!

Special K

clippingimages said...

very innovative photography.....