Portrait: Richelle {Sitka Alaska Senior Photography}

Aww, what fun . . . more evening sun!
Richelle was full of ideas---I love it!

Oh, how I love evening light. 

Thanks to Richelle's sister for holding the reflector! 

We Sitkans cannot believe this stretch of fabulous sunshiney summery weather. Today was the 9th straight day of sun!

A new beach . . .

Like to get the wide angle and show more of the place. 

Gorgeous :)

Since we were here a little later in the evening, this warehouse was nicely in open shade and finally!! I was able to snap some photos.
Such a cool building.
These old crumbling buildings are a photographer's dream.

Something I just love about this one . . .

Many, many thanks, Richelle! 
I love your energy and all the best to you!


Katelyn said...

Great photos Jen! Looks like the seniors in Sitka are keeping you busy! I wish I could come up there and enjoy the beautiful Sitka sunshine!! I miss it up there and we all miss you guys :)

Cheryl said...

It looks as if I might have to book you for 2022 already for Leah's senior pictures! These are all so good!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have such beautiful subjects to photograph in Sitka...and you are doing an excellent job!! Hope we can hire you to do Wade's senior pics when you get back:) MIL

J said...

Stumbled onto your blog by accident.
great photos. My blog