Minnesota Wedding Photographer: Aaron and Brianna 10.23.2010

ooooh, I just love weddings... it is so much fun "re-living" the day going through their photos (except my feet don't hurt at the computer!)

This time of year is so beautiful!! 
Brianna and Aaron had awesome weather for their wedding. 

The flower girl was off in dreamland :) (maybe she was pretending to wear a veil?)

These two ring shots were taken with a 70-300 Sigma APO Macro lens . . . for a $200 lens, they are actually pretty tack sharp.

Love, love, love Brianna's dress!

The first look is almost always so emotional. It is truly an honor to capture it.

This may be one of my faves:

Thanks to my assistant, sis Katelyn, for the following three photos:

My angle of the "pinning":

Off to a nearby field for some more glorious autumn photos...

I've seen this photo done lots of times, but I decided to try to do my version of it ...

What's a fall wedding without a leaf pile?

Brianna's idea for this photo:

Something about this photo is so classic:  (Aaron's little sister {so cute!}  and nephew--- awwww--poor little guy!)

Happily ever after to you both, Aaron and Brianna!  
Thanks so so so much.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous Jennifer!!! It means so much to have your wedding day captured the way you do. You have a gift!

Love you,

Sara said...

Absolutely gorgeous Jennifer!! You're so talented!!

~Sara M
(formerly in Sitka, AK; now in DC)

Anonymous said...

Once again, stunning!! Wow, are you talented lady! On another note, love the music that's playing right now too- some of my absolute favorite songs :)

Jan said...

looks like you got a lot done on Saturday, They look great!

Katelyn said...

Beautiful Pics! Love seeing new posts on here!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful again Jen! LOVE the ring shots.

-Katrina H.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

These are fantastic. Very beautiful shots. I love the leaf pile picture where you can only see their legs -- that's a great shot!

Fun to see these. I haven't seen Aaron or Bill in years. (Their dad is my cousin.)

~ Jennifer

juliana said...

That last one is definately a Wow! for me:)

Julie said...

Wow! Those are absolutely stunning. Love the fall theme and how you incorporated it into your photos. I always admire all of your posts- you do a wonderful job. And, welcome back to our state! :)

clippingimages said...

very innovative photography.........