Mini-Session: O, E & H {Park Rapids Photographer}

Remember these cuties
Well, now they have a little brother, too! 

Poor babe just had had enough.

I got some new photoshop actions from here: 
It's been fun to try them out. I will probably tweak them a bit, but I like the creamy tones.

Thanks again for coming and letting me spend some QT (quality time) with those little ones who are all too quickly growing up!


Jan said...

they just melt my heart :)

Anonymous said...

getting jealous of the beautiful mini sessions! see you tomorrow for the big weekend...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the one of Elsa, it is just beautiful!! Lolly

Anonymous said...

Wow - they are a whole lot bigger then last time I saw them. Looking at your pictures makes it sink in how long it's been. Can't wait to see them (and hopefully you too) in a week! Love the one of Elsa :)
-Katrina H

Anna said...

You caught Elsa in between the goofy giggles there;) Looks awesome Jen, I love Howie's eyes in the one of him and Oliver. They are great!