Carl & Bridget: Engaged {Orono MN Photographer

Last Saturday,  my sister and her endearing fiance went out for some engagment photos ...
Carl stopped in this little town called Linstrom, MN and I spotted this alley way ...

And what luck --this peeling red wall forming the other side of the alley:

Very yummy ...

Then we went off to the location of their "first date."

They, of course, informed me they are not afraid to "live on the edge" a little ...

Our lovely sister was the "second shooter"
she knows how to get the shot!

Carl, may you always make Bridget smile and laugh like this!

The rock wall they climbed. Yep it was their first date.

When you have a 2 hour session,
there's room for a few outfits and locations!

Something about this one ...

Kinda like out of a movie?

Congratulations, you guys! I love you.
Soon, my not so little sister will be a Mrs!
and Carl, you have your hands full! haha 


Anonymous said...

I LOVE 'em :) eeeee! you girls did such a great job and i love the editing too!! xoxo Bridget

Anonymous said...

Love these! They are so cute! Congrats, Bridgee and fiancee!