Kate & Boys } Children's photography Becker County

2 weeks ago, on a lovely Saturday evening . . . 

These adorable nephews came to visit.
A curious 2.5 year old ... he was on the run ...
but managed to snap a few showing his true colors.
Doesn't he have a great smile?

Candid brotherly moments ... could get photos like this all day ...
these are my favorites.

Little brother just has such a smiley personality.

Big brother loves his doggy cousins ...

and they love him back!

The outside light was fading, so we snapped a few in the studio.

In a split second, this was captured ...
the next second, the boys climbed out. :)

Photographing children demands a speedy camera ;)

I will end this post on a happy note!

Thanks for coming to visit again; it was much fun visiting!
Sonny and Chaco will anxiously await your return!

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Katelyn said...

Hey Jen! These turned out great! So fun to have a session with you! We are all missing you and the "boys" :)