Dan & Alaina: Wedding {07.02.2011}

Dan and Alaina's wedding was a sunny and {very} warm day; it was so full of vibrant summer colors, but more importantly full of family and love.

Just love everything: dress, shoes, flowers . . . 

A couple of the flower girls kept watch for the groom to arrive. 

This photo credit goes to Jan :
she has the most enthralling, should I say,  photo of the bouquet as she noticed the blue pool water and incorporated it into the background bokeh.
Just LOVE the colors ...

The First Look always is one of the best moments of the day:

Can never get enough of these cuties:

Candid moments are my favorites. Do I always need to say that?

The girls were a little shy to give their auntie a kiss ... even a "pretend" one ....but gotta love the expressions.

You gettin' married today, uncle?

The church has a beautiful yard in the back, perfect for some more photos.

Always love the photos right before the ceremony starts ... 
there's just no words to say.

The ceremony went on despite their being no power except a generator that made the organ smoke ... so the congregation provided acapella musical accompaniment.  And we all enjoyed the ceremony through the little bit of window light, two tiny lights at the altar, and a few candles.

But, of course, the most important thing is always preserved despite whatever "hiccups" there were:
they got married. 

Congratulations, Dan and Alaina!
Thank you for letting us document your wedding.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous! The photos are awesome

Yvonne said...

beautiful Jennifer! i too like the candid shots and especially the one of the bride and groom sitting on the adirondacks, sharing a laugh; may this be repeated time and again.