Family of 6 {Park Rapids MN Photographer}

One thing this lovely family has is:

You can just feel it in the photos.

This was in no way/shape/form prompted... they just did this:

Aww, the youngest in the family always has a special place in one's heart...

The youngest insisted on wearing the oldest's sandals. So cute.

It's impossible to look at this photo at not feel happy!

And this one, too...

The boy amongst the girls: (I purposely didn't photoshop his scratches off his face--they add character!)
I can later, though, if needed :)

Nothing like a merry-go-round and some gymnastics to wind down (er, wind up ...) the photo session!

Just feel happy looking at this guy's expression.

This is when taking photos is (a bit of a workout) but SO FUN because it feels like I am being true to my style... and "capturing the essence" of these adorable children.

Thanks, guys!
And thanks M & A!!

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