Alex & Rene: St Paul Wedding {08.27.2011}

It's always fun (even for us photographers) to re-live the wedding days of out clients through going through the photos ... especially after our feet have rested :)

Rene & Alex were married on a beautiful summer day in the Twin Cities Area of MN.

My associate photographer, Jan, had the idea to put the shoes in the tree. 

There's something that's always so classic and glam in the "getting ready" process that I love.

A first look right before the ceremony:
(the next 2 are Jan's photos)


Another favorite:

Seeing Rene walking down the aisle:

The couple shared many loving glances throughout their wedding.

I've refused to buy the spendy 70-200L f/2.8 IS Canon lens that is ideal for ceremony shots ...
BUT I recently purchased the 85/ f.18 USM Canon lens and put it on my 1.6x crop frame sensor camera (Canon EOS 40D) for a reach of 136mm :) That works well!  

This is a resulting image from using that lens:

After the ceremony, we did family photos outside the church and ventured to the favorite ice cream stand in the whole area. 
So many options!

I just love that they wanted to go here--what a great idea.

At the reception site, we took a few more photos outside and the lighting was puurfect!

All the groomsmen were up for some laughs, that's for sure.

"Let's do the awkward prom photo pose" they said. (Jan's photo)

Alex made the cake toppers himself ... modeled after one of their favorite games.


Jan's photo, below.

Reception lighting like this will make any photographer "happy!" 

This little girl the the fluffy pink dress almost stole the bride's thunder with her cuteness.

Very lively reception. :)

Last dance photo:
(Thanks, Jan!)

We had a lovely time at your wedding and you've been wonderful.
All the best to you both in your married life.
Thank you!


Nenedudette said...

We had such a great time with you, many people commented on how great you were at both the wedding and reception. The pictures look lovely and I can't wait to see them all!

Much Love,
The Martins

Anonymous said...

Wow! These photos are fabulous! And the couple looks very happy and madly in love. How sweet :)