Four Blonde Girls {Menahga MN Family Photographer}

This family of four girls had fun running around at the local park.
I was lucky enough to be there to snap some photos {and run around with them!}

This evening light is just warm and fuzzy ;)

I love their colorful dresses.

oldest 'n youngest


the camera just has an affinity for those doggies:

searching for shells

seriously one of my favorites :)

She was done.   with photos....time to run to the playground!

happy girl!

THANK you very much for having me capture some memories of your beautiful girls :)
It really was a fun evening.


Kids Resources said...

Kids are so cute!!! Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

Jan said...

love, love the one on the dock with the reflection in the lake. All of them are beautiful!

Sharyn said...

Exactly what Jan said

Math Games said...

Excellent shots and wonderful photos.