Country Family {Park Rapids Photographer}

This adorable family lives not too far up the road from us on another farm.
The two oldest girls started out posing so nicely:

And little sis ...has just the cutest smile.
(My dilemma always: do I photoshop out the little cuts/scrapes? ... always can do later...but it's just such a part of being a kid!)

And baby brother gets endless affection from older sisters :)

I love old farmhouse properties because there's such good photo backdrops.

and the glowing sunset doesn't hurt, either.

Love this!

As was promised, kids got to play in the leaf pile...
which I had to stay around for as I knew the photo potential was huge!

Just look at this when you need a dose of zen, hey?

my other fave!

Never mind the focus, 
but wouldn't  it be fun to be a kid again?

Thanks again for having me out to catch some pics...
these types of sessions remind me why I love doing this.

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