Daryl & Maria: Wedding {10.29.2011}

What a beautiful day for a wedding!

Daryl & Maria had their engagement photos done on a calm, cloudy September evening ...
and their wedding was bright and sunny! 
Takes on such a different effect with the photos ...

My friend, Stephanie did the floral arrangements ... I just love her style.

Ivory lace dress ... it fits the season!

My dear SIL Kendra was my assistant photographer :)
She captured this up-close shot of the sequined brooch.

At a nearby country park, Daryl arrived in style to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day:

Kendra's view:

My view:

Oh, love.
I love this "vanilla" Lightroom preset: 

Kendra's view: (love!)

Beautiful, happy bride 

This really is my favorite from the whole day:

Flower girls always make the day extra special. 

Cake was designed and made by Michelle:

Creatively speaking, indoor formals are really not my favorite to do, not that I mind, just that I don't feel they really fit in with the candid type of photography I enjoy doing.
But, they are a big part of weddings and very nice to have for the photobooks!

I use a two light set-up, 10 ft lightstands, 60 in umbrellas, both lights are set to equal power using a flash meter:

Kendra stayed back for these following two photos:

Bubbles, bubbles:
One of the most fun parts of the day for the kids!

Congratulations, Daryl & Maria!
It's been such a joy & honor to be a part of your engagement and wedding day.
Wishes and prayers for many years of happiness together. 

Stay tuned... I will post even more photos to the facebook page soon!


Teacher Resources said...

Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, those are the best pictures I have ever seen taken in the church. No weird coloring, shadows, etc. And so sorry about the ugly carseat in the aisle. Oops! That was all mine.


Katelyn said...

Hey Jen! Great photos once again! Sweet that Kenj. got to help out, she did great too! Glad to see you are still feeling good enough to be working your art!

Liz Pietila said...

Love these pictures, Jen. How fun to see. Was so disappointed I couldn't make the wedding but got to take it all in through your blog. Happiness is radiating through!!

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