Country Family {Menahga MN Photographer}

Ahh, so fun. 
These kids are awesome.
Not to mention they live on a beautiful country farmstead...which photographers usually know to be great for some peeling paint and all... (read: awesome backdrops!)

Evidence of kids when there's paintball marks...

I couldn't be more in awe of this lighting.

Happy, happy baby!

Thanks for your patience in waiting to see these...
I am feeling chronically behind in editing...slowly but surely!!
Now the twinnies are crawling and I have to even be more on my toes...
Usually means that I get about 2 photos edited before I have to take something out of their mouths... (I don't know where they find things I don't see...but they do!)


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Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures of this adorable family (my cousin). ~Ramona