H Family: 2 adorable girlies! {Park Rapids MN Photographer}

Hello there-it's been much much too long since I've blogged.  I;m working on the "have tos" & "shoulds" and all those beliefs of mine that cause me stress so I've decided to let blogging go by the wayside for a period of time to help manage my workload and the holidays and all! Here I am with a new and improved motivation to blog regularly as I do really enjoy it.  Just changed my blog template, too! Working on refining the CSS & html--not my forte!

Nearly 3 months ago...
Our good friends now have two beautiful and energetic girls that could almost pass as twins.
The only time that worked to do photos was late in the evening, so hence the studio!

Peek a boo!

What a little porcelain doll face!

Happy girl!

I'm still working on getting to a place where I can truly feel happy with my studio work--I just LOOOVE the outdoors and natural light so, so much that I'm working on getting a more natural light look to my studio shots. 


Anonymous said...

Dear sweet girls! All of them actually, but you can't look at those two without smiling. love. Jess

Krista said...

They seriously have the cutest girls! Good work, Jen!