Twins: 1 year! {Park Rapids MN baby Photography}

Our little Saith and Neva turned a year old on January 2nd.
It's been the most fun and most busy year to date :-)

They are constantly on the move.  Luckily, the aunties helped to entertain them. I'm not so much concerned about having them looking straight at the camera and capturing their everyday expressions. :)

My brown-eyed boy---

I only used one large softbox for these photos. My second studio light blew out (it was a cheap one!)
Still think I like the two light setup better.

pointing her toes.

Saith, you melt mommy's heart.

This is a much more typical scene.

Antique look. I still can't truly decide between black and white or brown and white---
I love both colorings.

I just know that the next years will bring even more joy and more adventures.
I still can't believe that God gave us these twins! 

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Natalie Carolyn said...

Darling!! love them all! I love his brown eyes! :)