6 things

Heidi tagged me to write the 6 things about myself.

1. I overanalyze things. As I began to think about what to write I start analyzing, "well, really . . . maybe I shouldn't say that . . . my hubby might get mad, well . . . hmmmm . . . . ." so I had to write this as my first thing. Probably why I take a long time to make decisions. Actually I have surprised myself recently by making some quick decisions and just "going for it!". But this is not the norm. Anyone stand behind me in line at Quiznos? You know I take awhile. Poor cashier people. he he he. Not even beginning to mention my husband: he's learning to get me to hurry up, and learning a (little) patience, too!

2. Yes, I am a dietitian. But I ate macaroni and cheese tonight; the 25 cent kind, complete with enriched white pasta, Yellow artificial colorings, and plenty of mystery chemicals and, yes, salt! And I have started to use real butter (and E.V.O.O.). (Ex-Smart Balance user-- never will go to stick margarine). I take Omega-3 supplements because I don't eat enough fish in the winter. Everyone really should cuz they are helpful in so many ways, in my humble opinion. If you want any research, let me know. :) I also have a sweet tooth. Brownies??? Yes, bring 'em on! Yes, all things in moderation!

3. I have a dream: to start a photography business and become a professional, but to always have the joy of photography there. I don't want to be one of those that loses their passion when the biz starts. Can happen in any profession, but gotta mix it up! I just enrolled in a distance photography course. I am very excited; but also you open yourself up to being critiqued and vulnerable. (Which of course, will help you grow as a person). I believe that all too often people do not follow their dreams because of what other people will think and their fear of rejection. Well, I say, go for it, sister! (or brother).

4. I'm sensitive. In fact, I really love reading Oprah Magazine and self-help books and all kinds of things for a boost in attitute, self-esteem, and assertiveness.

5. I think everyone deserves a chance. I hate when people have no patience for someone or don't bother hearing their story and unfairly judge them.

6. We currently drive old cars here in Alaska, a 12 year old Jeep and a 20 year old Honda Accord: leaky roofs, dysfunctional windows, doors don't lock, trunks won't shut (rusted out), rear-end about to go out, reverse doesn't quite work . . . well, they are inexpensive and slightly reliable. (except when onw won't start, the other one almost always won't start either.) So, I have really low expectations for cars. Oh, if I could add a 7th thing it would be that I love to critique grammar and punctuation and spelling. But I am going to publish this post before I can overanalyze the abundant incorrect grammar in this post. Screw rules anyways. Thanks for reading!

I will think of people to tag . . . more people should be bloggers!


Pete/Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing! :) Have fun with your photography course! Totally get the overanalyzing bit--I do it too! It's funny how ordering a bit to eat can be such a complex decision requiring analysis and foresight!

Karen AMH said...

Good luck with the photography! Isn't it just amazing what one photo can do?!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I loved reading your randoms. You will be amazing as a professional photographer! You've already got what it takes and if you're pursuing your 'education' it'll only take you up to the next notch. I love your pictures!

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Thanks for the comments! I just happened to notice some comments now- 3 weeks after! Your comments brighten my day :) Jen