Our Trip to Juneau

Nate: Gold Mining
Is it gold?

Miner's wife: See if I turned this into black & white, I really might look like one!

Giant Snickerdoodle from Silverbow Bagel place . . . yum. Confession: I did eat most . . .er 98% . . . of it! (All 540 calories, 36 grams of fat (mostly saturated), and 72 grams of carbs of it!) Unfortunately, those numbers didn't really matter to me a the time. :)

Governor Sarah Palin's Mansion in the Capital City. Nate joked that he saw her walking around town. I think it was just a "sort-of" look-a-like. She was probably at the Republican Governor's Convention or something. Wow, I've been keeping up on politics!!

Red Dog Saloon Downtown. In the summers, I hear, you can barely get a seat it is so packed with cruise-ship tourists.

Yay! We got off the island! We took the high-speed ferry to Juneau: a 4 1/2 hour trip.

Auke Lake; the lighting here changed every few seconds because the wind blew the clouds along.
It actually was fun to see snow in Juneau: Sitka is mostly rainy now, no snow on the ground, just in the mountains. Now that I say that, it's a recipe to get dumped on!


Julie L. said...

ohh- I love your landscape shots-- so pretty!

Karen AMH said...

beautiful pictures! Awesome :)

Pete/Heidi said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the scenery! Also, tagged on on my blog!