Daily Humor

Ok, just to warn you, this may make you lose your appetite.
I was doing laundry this morning and came across these . . . and made me laugh.
It reminded me of the other day Nate came home from work, took off his socks, tossed these at me and said, "Here, Jen, look! Here's some donuts for supper!"
Then he gives me this cheese grin.
(because he knows I am {mildly} irritated at him).
If I earned a penny for every sock I picked up . . .
but i love him.


Jan said...

I get this humor! makes me laugh!

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

yay! I figured someone would!

Katelyn said...

This is too funny Jen! Nate did this at when he lived at home... Only he would throw them at his dear siblings (like me). Bret says to wash them as they are :)